Alphayue Violin Strings



Combining an unbeatable price with Thomastik-Infeld quality means you no longer have to settle for solid-steel strings to assure durability. You will love their instant response, supple playability and colorful tone. Alphayue strings also improve the sound of even the most basic student instrument and make music-making a treat!

The strings are made up of the following materials;

E string (AL01)* : Steel core, tin plated

A string (AL02) : Synthetic core, aluminum wound

D string (AL03) : Synthetic core, aluminum wound

G string (AL04) : Synthetic core, silver wound


The ALPHAYUE Silver D-string elevates the sound of the set to a warmer, richer and more velvet tone with an impressive amount of volume. The advanced technology and composition of the string combines the advantages of an aluminum D with another convincing benefit: it offers the same exceptional response and volume of sound, but strikes with a much smaller string diameter, making it easier to install the string into your tailpiece.


– Neutral to bright sounding instruments: combine with ALPHAYUE Silver D (AL101)

– Neutral to dark sounding instruments: combine with ALPHAYUE Aluminum D (AL100)

Additional information


Set, E, A, D, G


4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16