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They are here! We are so happy to introduce the instruments from our new friend, The Wessex Violin Co.

Some may be unaware that the United Kingdom can boast some of the finest individual makers in the world today and the Wessex Violin Co. range celebrates a history of excellence as epitomised by the Newark School.

Building upon a tradition of English workshop craftsmanship lost since the middle of the last century.

The methods of construction are a careful blend of the modern and the traditional. The makers use many of the methods employed in violin making for 400 years, but some of the tools and labour-saving devices are of course from the modern age.

There are three different instruments available, Model X, Model XV, Model M. All are available at Synwin Violins@Marina.

The materials for each of the three grades of violins are carefully selected, made from graded Bavarian Spruce and hand selected, the makers are careful with the matching of materials for each instruments. Making sure that it produce the best sounding and value for money instruments that can be produce.

The Wessex Violin co. violins are all unique and individually labelled, photographed and issued with a Certificate of Authenticity. A guarantee that a Wessex instrument is genuine.

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