Synwin Semi-Handmade Violin Outfit (SV2004S1)

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Synwin Semi-Handmade Violin Outfit (SV2004S1)

Brand: Synwin

Model : SV004S1

SGD $$365.30
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This instrument is built with the beginner in mind.  Its quality is a notch above the SV1005, with slight hints of the standard SV3001 model.  It shares the same quality varnish of the higher models, hence allowing a sound that is more forthcoming.  For a starter who demands a sound closer to the handcrafted series with a lower price tag, this is the recommended choice. 

Available sizes : 1/16 - 4/4

This model is setup with :

- Dominant strings (135B)

- Wittner tailpiece with 4 string adjusters