The Alto Stand (88Q01)

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The Alto Stand (88Q01)

Brand: RAT

Model : 88Q01

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Product Info

Structural parts : Aluminium

Feet : Rubber

Tray : Polypropylene

Coating : Anodised aluminium


Weight : 2.3kg/ 5.07lbs

Tray width : 503mm /19.8"

Tray height : 323mm/ 12.7"

Depth of tray lip : 57mm/ 2.24"

Lowest height to bottom of score : 715mm/ 28.2"

Tallest height to bottom of score : 1601mm/ 63.0"


The Alto Stand is made with materials which are unbreakable yet will not damage things when they are bashed into, the biggest range of height adjustment of any stand in the market, and a design which enables them to stack very easily and compactly.

Click here to view a demo video.

All RATstands come with manufacturer's warranty.