RAT Jazz Stand (69Q1)

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RAT Jazz Stand (69Q1)

Brand: RAT

Model : 69Q1

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Product Info

Structural parts : Aluminium

Feet : Rubber

Tray : Polypropylene

Coating : Anodised aluminium


Weight : 2.7kg/ 5.95lbs

Tray width : 503mm /19.8"

Tray height : 323mm/ 12.7"

Depth of tray lip : 57mm/ 2.24"

Lowest height to bottom of score : 432mm/ 17.0"

Tallest height to bottom of score : 1207mm/ 47.50"


The Jazz Stand is a professional quality music stand with a full range of height adjustment, industry standard stability and a full size tray with pencil shelf. With a unique design, it unfolds in three easy moves from a flat pack no larger than the size of the tray. It does this with no knobs, no finger traps and no hassle; just three easy moves!

Click here to view a demo video.
All RATstands come with manufacturer's warranty.