RAT Opera Conductor’s Stand with Wood Tray (57Q2)

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RAT Opera Conductor’s Stand with Wood Tray (57Q2)

Brand: RAT

Model : 57Q2

SGD $$1,177.00
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Product Info

- tray large enough for the biggest opera score.

- elegant and minimalist design.

- very slim lamp ensure musicians get the best possible view of the conductor.

- lamp is removable.

- whole stand is nylon coated for ultimate durability.


Weight : (without lamp) : 13kg/ 29lbs  (with lamp ) : 16kg/ 35lbs

Height to mid point of tray adjustable from :

81cm to 135cm/ 32" or 53"

Tray size : 90cm wide x 50cm/ (35" x 19.5")
All RATstands come with manufacturer's warranty.