Playonair Crescent Violin Shoulder Rest

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Playonair Crescent Violin Shoulder Rest

Brand: Playonair

Model : 1613

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Product Info

Inflatable cushion conforms to shoulder, arm support, unique attaching strap allows for variety of placement.

Fits all sizes, violins and violas.

This smaller, round cushion is ideal for students with smaller violins or violas and adult players who desire a smaller padded rest.

All Playonair Shoulder Rests provide the playing comfort of an inflatable cushion that adjusts to body movements and changing posture while playing. Elastic straps are adjustable so your Playonair can be placed in almost any position AND will fit any size violin or viola.

No metal or sharp edges to mar the instrument, non-slip finish is soft and pliable. Blow tube included allows you to inflate to just the right level of firmness.

Made in USA