Thomastik-Infeld Cello Rosin

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Thomastik-Infeld Cello Rosin

Brand: Thomastik-Infeld

Model : Nr.204/II

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- Artist round framed II

Produced in various compositions and qualities to suit the artist's individual needs, as well as various climatic conditions.

Our range includes Euphon for violin and viola, which is a rosin made from spruce, as well as two types larch rosin, 'artist' and 'special'. Our larch rosins are available in up to three grades of hardness. Thomastik tropical rosin, which is suited for use in hotter climates, is only supplied in one grade of hardness. Bow resin include special ingredients and manufacturing methods to heighten the bow's ability to interact with the string surface. The difference between 'artist' and 'special' rosin lies in the type of additives and production methods used.