Peter-Infeld Violin Rosin

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Peter-Infeld Violin Rosin

Brand: Thomastik-Infeld

Model : 04BKPI001

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Thomastik-Infeld Rosins are especially designed for specific string lines to offer you the best playing experience possible. They come in individual compositions and degrees of hardness to suit your instrument, accommo- date your playing style and allow for different climates. They enable the bow to grip the string without sounding rough or coarse.

The new Rosins are easy to use with the TI “ready to use” packaging. Each cake of rosin is glued onto a soft cloth to make the application easier and to prevent your fingers from being exposed to the rosin.

- Strong grip

- Minor formation of dust

- Softens the whistle of e-strings considerably

- Good in warm climates and during the summertime

- Eminently suitable for and enhancing the tonal qualities of: PI, Dominant, Spirit, Roby Lakatos