Roberto Salvianti, Toscana

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Roberto Salvianti, Toscana

Brand: Roberto Salvianti

Model : RSDB

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Roberto Salvianti was born in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa in the province of Florence, Italy in 1958. He completed his high school technical studies and then attended the "Conservatorio L. Cherubini", the music academy of Florence. During those years, he started to take an interest in the manufacturing of musical instruments and, in 1994 began to attend the workshop of the Master violinmaker, Paolo Sorgentone.                                      Under his guide, he built serveral instruments using the models selected by the Master. In recent years, he has started to work profitably in the construction of cellos and, in particular, double basses, using vintage models of French and Italian schools and with a special focus on the great Tuscan double bass making tradition.