Pietro Gargini, Toscana (SOLD)

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Pietro Gargini, Toscana (SOLD)

Brand: Pietro Gargini

Model : PG-CL

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Pietro Gargini - Born in Pistoia in 1980. He makes his first violin in 2000 under the supervision of Mauro Scartabelli. It has been important the contact with the violinmaker Luigi Ercolo, who follows him during technical trainging. In seeking to pursue his aim it is significant his master Gabriele Natali, who really influences his way of working; in fact he has the opportunity to learn various techniques and different style to make violins.

In 2007 he attended several professional courses such as violin set-up with Sorgentone & Mecatti, Lambert Houniet and restoration with Carlos Arcieri, Hans Nebel. In 2008 he takes the degree in Architecture at University of Florence. In his graduation thesis, "Forma e musica: le meccaniche del violino", he studies violin family's origins and development during centuries until present days. In his work, the researcher analyses the geometrical and technological principles and the mathematical and musical concepts related to the idea of violin's family instruments.

He makes musical instruments such as violins, violas, cellos using models and techniques which were typical of Italian Golden Age violinmakers, combining together the classical tradition with modern scientific and musical knowledge. In the construction of his instruments he uses both oil and alcohol varnish often with old-looking finish.