Jakob Winter Greenline Violin Case, ALICE

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Jakob Winter Greenline Violin Case, ALICE

Brand: Jakob Winter

Model : JW52017-ALICE

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Product Info

External features:
- Material technology from renewable natural fibers 
- No-one uses toxic adhesives through one-shot press technology 
- Durable, shock-absorbing hard shell
- Water repellent and weather resistant
- Lightweight design ensures low weight and optimal comfort
- 2 Easy-Access closures
- Backpack system with 2 straps
- Non-slip comfortable soft grip



Interior features:
- Inner lining made of high-quality, environmentally friendly cotton Velvet - Odorless 
interior by avoiding toxic adhesives 
- Optimal protection of the instrument by mold insert - Float storage 
to protect against bumps 
- Accessory compartment and compartment for shoulder 
rest - Arch support for 2 bows



Dimensions in cm / Kg 

Instrument Measurements
Instrument length: 60.5 
Body length: 36.5 

suitcase outer dimensions
length: 80.5 
Width: 28 
Height: 13.8 

Weight: 1.60