CodaBows Joule Violin Bow

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CodaBows Joule Violin Bow

Brand: Coda Bow


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The most innovative of all the CodaBows. The JOULE evokes a performance unattainable with traditonal materials. Originally developed exclusively for extended range and electric instruments. This breakthrough design is capable of commanding power from the lower range while still has finesse colour and nuance from the upper range. Compelling on both extended range and traditional instruments, the Joule possesses an empowering energy that must be experienced to truly appreciate.

- Graphite Diamond Weave

Graphite fibers, masterfully woven in the Coda Bow trademark pattern, extended percisely from button to tip. This naturally elegant innovation achieves the highly-sought balance between strength and flexibility.

- European-made XEBONY® Frog

As the world's only engineered alternative to ebony, XEBONY™ offers a durable and attractive solution to the world's threatened supply of ebony. Comprised of natural fibers and resin, XEBONY™ boasts a deep, rich luster and natural feel that impresses players and makers.

- Sterling Silver winding

- Moroccan Leather Grip

- Nickel Silver three-piece button

- Sterling Silver Tip

- Engraved Coda Sign

- Handcrafted in the USA.