(SOLD) Wessex Violin Co. Handmade Violin, Model V


Build upon a tradition of English workshop craftsmanship lost since the middle of the last century. The United Kingdom can boast some of the finest individual makers in the world today and the Wessex Violin Co. range celebrates a history of excellence as epitomised by the tradition of the Newark School.

A range of handmade finished violins offered in a selection of grades of finish. Each instrument produced is unique, individually labelled and accompanied by a hand written certificate of authenticity, bearing photographs of the instrument.

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Hand applied oil varnish of a golden amber brown colour on a gold ground

Lightly figured Balkan Maple back and  Bavarian Spruce Top

Fittings in ebony


Length of back: 356mm

Upper: 167mm

Middle: 115mm

Lower: 208mm