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Roberto Collini has devoted himself to the violin ever since he was a child by first playing the violin and then in 1979 attending the “International School of Violin making” in Cremona under the guidance of Maestro Giorgio Scolari, where he graduated in 1983 with the maximum score.

He then completed his studies as an apprentice in Maestro Scolari’s workshop. He has been working in Cremona since 1983 and for several years continued completing his professional training with two of Italy’s most important living makers Maestro Arnaldo Morano and Maestro Gio Batta Morassi where he refined his artistic point of view and acquired greater knowledge of classical Italian instruments. In the same period he achieved his bow making diploma under the guidance of Maestro bow maker Giovanni Lucchi.

Today, his instruments are used by many famous musicians from the La Scala Orchestra, Tuscany Orchestra and the Fenice Orchestra. In 1996, he made a quartet for the Turin quartet. Master Collini has been officially recognised in many violinmaking competitions such as winning gold medal for violin in 1984 at Bagnacavallo young violinmakers competition. Silver medal for violin, silver medal for viola and fifth position for cello in the 1988 Cremona International Triennal. Gold medal for viola at the 1992 Bagnocavallo Competition.