RAT Performer Stand (80Q1)


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Structural parts : Steel

Feet : Rubber

Tray : Polypropylene

Coating : Black powder coat


Weight : 2.9kg/ 6.39lbs

Tray width : 510mm /20.1″

Tray height : 322mm/ 12.7″

Depth of tray lip : 38mm/ 1.5″

Lowest height to bottom of score : 725mm/ 28.6″

Tallest height to bottom of score : 1320mm/ 52.0″


What every school needs is an unbreakable stand, which nest for compact storage and which has no knobs to fiddle with or get lost. The Performer stand delivers this and more, with rubber feet to protect the floor, an extra lip on music tray for pencils and erasers and a base designed to enable stands to nest next to each other for compact storage.

Click here to view a demo video.

All RATstands come with manufacturer’s warranty.