RAT Opera Stand with Classic Tray, WITHOUT Lamp (52Q1)


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Structural parts : Steel

Feet : Rubber

Tray : Steel rod

Coating : Black nylon


Weight : 5.9kg/ 13.0lbs

6.7kg/ 15.0lbs (with lamp)

Tray width : 440mm / 17.3″

Tray height : 319mm/ 12.5″

Depth of tray lip : 50mm/ 2.0″

Lowest height to bottom of score : 607mm/ 23.9″

Tallest height to bottom of score : 1267mm/ 49.9″.


The Opera Stand is unique. Designed with orchestra pit in mind, this stand has a warm touch, chip resistant black finish and is acoustically neutral. It was first produced in 1976 and is still the only stand in the world to feature an integral light. The light output is held at the perfect distance from the music tray and is carefully controlled so that it falls on the score and nowhere else. Our timeless original design allows the cable to be managed all the way down to the ground and is fully compatible with all RAT’s lights and stand accessories.

Click here to view a demo video.

All RATstands come with manufacturer’s warranty.