Poco Studio Sight-Reading For Young Pianists


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  • Rewarding- easy to follow exercises are offered to build up your confidence and skills. Assessment tests are set to monitor the progress you have made.
  • Fun- you will have fun with this book as you write, draw, paste, circle, count, clap and play. A footprint is used to mark the page you have finished working on, with a sticker for every page.
  • Child-centred- the straightforward layout with clear symbols and instructions is an ideal introduction to the delights of sight-reading, while creating and reinforcing your confidence.
  • Exam-Oriented- Sight-reading exercises are introduced in a carefully-conceived sequence of difficulty leading to Grade 1 level, and emphasis is placed on the important pre-grade 1 level.
  • Progressive- Early elementary level tunes for practice are organised into progressive levels of difficulty to ensure that you practise the basic skills before moving on to the more advanced skills.