Perpetual Violin Strings Set


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  • vast tone volume
  • enticing playability
  • clearly focused sound projection
  • optimal response
  • instantly reliable tuning stability

The Perpetual violin strings react in an ideal way to the finest nuances in bow speed and pressure; this enables the musician to play with an extreme range of dynamics and expression. The innovative core material allows a comfortable smoothness during legato, shifting, string crossings, double stops and chords. The extended reverberation of the Perpetual brings forth the beauty of sound.

E-Platinum – The Perpetual set contains a platinum plated E-string which we offer in the gauges 0.26 mm (sounds silvery and very brilliant) and 0.267 mm (provides a slightly darker, more voluminous tone).

A-Steel/Chrome Steel – Aiming first of all to provide a choice for all players we additionally developed a high quality, steel core A-string with a chrome-steel winding. Starting with its sound spectrum, this A-string has nothing in common with the traditional steel string. It sounds rounder, more colorful and very voluminous. Combined with the synthetic core Perpetual G- and D-strings, this new steel A offers an organic transition with the D-string. With only a minimal increase in tension this steel A-string does not burden the instrument more than the synthetic core A-string. The steel A comes with a removable ball and is compatible with all types of fine tuners.

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Set, E, A, D, G