Nicolo Formaggia Italian handmade violin




Nicolò Formaggia was born on 4 January 1992 into a family of four generations active in the musical instruments sector.

In 2008 he enrolled at the Cremona international school of violin making, where he focused both on the creation of new instruments, under the guidance of Maestro Aromatico, and on restoration, as a student of the masters Voltini and Amighetti. In 2008, at 16, he made his first violin under the supervision and advice of his father. During the course of studies, he has the opportunity to follow a specific course on retouching, under the guidance of M ° Ortona (J&A Beare).

In 2012 he completed his studies obtaining the diploma of master luthier.

In 2013 he attended a European specialization course focused on the development of string instruments with particular attention to the acoustic / physical functioning of the violin. During the year, he has the opportunity to work under the guidance of the masters Primon, Osio, Montanari, Ortona, Gregg Alf, Ius and to follow lessons held by professors specialized in acoustic physics and international experts in every field related to violin making, from technology of wood to chemistry and painting.

To date, he lives and works in Crema (Cr) where he builds, in his father’s workshop, violins and instruments of the classical quartet inspired by the canons of Cremonese violin making, also dealing with restoration and acoustic tuning.