Larsen Aurora Cello Strings


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Great value without compromise

The first step on the Larsen journey begins with Aurora Strings for cello. Providing a comfortably affordable entry point into our range, yet without any compromise in the Larsen seal of quality and consistency. A smoothly brilliant sound without metallic overtones. Aurora represents great value without compromise.

We have developed a fresh colorful optimistic design for the packaging and silk colors at the tailpiece to complement the color scheme.

All four strings have a solid steel core. The A and D strings are wound with a corrosion resistant alloy, the G string with nickel, and finally the C string is made using tungsten. The entire range offers an impressive string response and playing characteristic. In developing these strings, we have remained true to our values of high quality and consistency and manufactured a product of extraordinary value at a highly affordable price.

We are very happy to introduce to you our new cello strings AURORA for Cello, available in full size, and fractional sizes.1/2

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