J.T.L Fine Violin Bow – Peccatte Style


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J.T.L fine bows for violin are inspired by some of the most highly-respected archetiers from the French tradition: This JTLBV2 is crafted in the style of Dominique Peccatte.

This beautiful range of bows are haired with premium-quality horsetail and feature fully mounted frogs cut from fine Ebony and hand-finished with ‘925’ sterling silver fittings.

Each J.T.L. bow is handmade under the supervision of a Master Archetier in Suzhou, China and is supplied in a presentation box with a certificate of authenticity. 


About Dominique Peccatte:

Dominique Peccatte, born 1810, was an apprentice luthier in Mirecourt, France and by the age of 17 found his way into the workshops of the master Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. During his decade of working with Vuillaume, Peccatte studied with Jean Pierre Marie Persois and also met Francois Tourte – the maker whose ‘hatchet-shaped’ bow tip he would ultimately adapt to great effect.

Peccatte famously also taught and collaborated with Joseph Henry and Pierre Simon.

Peccatte bows were a little more sturdy than other French bows of the era, and although not quite as flexible as his peer’s creations, his weightier constructions allowed the musician to obtain greater volume and rich articulation, well suited to the concert halls of the time – and still in great demand to this day.