Humidi-Guard Cello Humidifier


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Humidi-Guard™ is made of the most advanced material available. The tube is custom extruded of the finest non-vinyl and non-allergenic resin, soft enough to exert gentle pressure at the F-hole and sufficiently sturdy to minimize contact with the inside parts of an instrument. The water-retention material within the Humidi-Guard™ absorbs water ten times its weight releasing it as a vapour through the holes cut along the length of the tube.


Why use a humidifier?

The winter months ahead will bring with them colder and drier air which can be dangerous for instruments and bows. Wood absorbs and releases moisture as humidity levels change in the surrounding air. Instruments are, of course, made of wood. Dry air causes wood to release moisture which causes it to shrink and/or shift ever so slightly which for your instrument can lead to cracks and expensive repair bills. Although most instruments will not crack, but as the instrument dries out, its tone will change and seldom change for the better.

Bow hair shrinks in dry air which can impair sound quality or cause the bow to warp. It could even result i