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Carefully worked thickness, a finely tuned bassbar, a perfectly aligned neck with the angle at just the right position, and finally,a sound post inserted with absolute precision, patience and passion allow an instrument the greatest possibility of expression: a big and powerful sound that touches the souland offers the finest acoustical results.

Master Russ uses well-seasoned wood, which he carefully selects based on the acoustic quality of the wood and its grain direction. Thanks to his more than twenty years of experience and his long collaboration with the best makers in the world, he has achieved such a command of his craft that the technical and artistic aspects of his work blend perfectly to produce instruments of the highest aesthetic and acoustic qualities.

He is perfectly aware that while magic varnishes that exalt and instrument do not exist, it is certainly possible to find varnishes that do not enhance the acoustic qualities.Master Russ absolutely respects the harmony between sound and instrument and for this reason exclusively uses an amber based linseed oil varnish that frees the sound. Prefection is in the detail and your will find that these instruments satisfy even the most demanding players.