Virtuoso Wrist Practice Aid


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Invented by a professional violinist and teacher, the Virtuoso Wrist Practice Aid is the first and only left-hand wrist aid made specifically for all string instrument players: VIOLIN / VIOLA / CELLO / BASS. It is the ultimate teaching tool and practice tool, designed to help beginning string students learn and practice proper left-hand wrist position.

Custom velcro straps adjust around the palm above the thumb, and around the forearm near the wrist. It enables the student player to learn correct “straight wrist” left-hand position, as improper “wrist bent backwards” left-hand position prevents the fingers from efficiently reaching the fingerboard. It also enables the student to understand basic shifting from 1st to 3rd position, as it helps the student keep the wrist and forearm “moving as a unit” during this more complex task.

The Virtuoso Wrist Practice Aid is also a great vibrato teaching tool because it restricts a student from moving the wrist in a funny motion just enough, but has the built-in flexibility to allow the student to learn the motion of rocking the finger back and forth.

“The fundamental goal of effective practice is to repeat the desired skills correctly again and again until the muscle memory becomes automatic. This is exactly what the Virtuoso Wrist Practice Aid will do for you and your students when you use it regularly.”

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