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DOMINANT PRO available for Pre-order now.

Thomastik-Infeld newest string revolution, the DOMINANT Pro is coming to Singapore. Dominant Pro is not here to replace the legend, DOMINANT, but rather, to offer an additional, contemporary repertoire of violin strings for players to choose from.

Since 1970s, the playing styles and ideas of sound have expanded, many international musicians has requested for an additional set similar but expanding upon the possibilities of the existing Dominant violin strings.

What do DOMINANT PRO and DOMINANT have in common?

Both have very low string tensions and are therefore suitable for the majority of new and old instruments without putting too much strain on the them. They have similar capacity in modulations, lots of sound colours, a very good tuning stability and a very good bow response.

Differences between DOMINANT PRO and DOMINANT?

DOMINANT PRO is more focused and has greater resistance to bow pressure than DOMINANT. It has a bell-like sound that fills the room directly after stringing. It is powerful and clear with larger dynamic range than DOMINANT.

Image taken from Thomastik Infeld

Learn more about the new DOMINANT PRO watch this video.

For full specifications of the DOMINANT PRO violin strings, click here.

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