SAVE 1.1

Dear Violin teachers and violinists,

SAVE(Systems Approach for Violinists Enrichment) is back in May. This is the course for all violinists who keen to find out more about violin technique and improve in their playing. 2 SAVE courses will covered instead of the usual one. Please do not miss this opportunity.

For more details of the SAVE, please refer to the info sheets attached. (Note: 100% of attendance is required for certificates of participation to be given.)  


The trainer has decided to lower the age limit to 13 years old. Requirement is abrsm/trinity g7 certificate or you have to do an audition video of vivaldi violin concerto (a minor) 3rd movement from Suzuki violin book 4. Please encourage your advanced violin students to join. It is a good opportunity for them to improve their own playing techniques.

Note: This is not a Suzuki teacher training course.

Please note that although the last day for registration is 19th April, class size is 24 hence once class is full, we will close the registration.

30th May – 1st Jun (Wednesday to Friday): 20 hours (SAVE 1.1)  

3rd Jun – 5th Jun (Sunday to Tuesday): 20 hours (SAVE 1.2) 


Please email if you have any queries. 

Thank you!