10 mins a day PIANO GYM for Smart Fingers by Alice Yap

Launched in Singapore on 20 September 2018, the Piano Gym series is a power piano method series specially designed for the 21st century young learners. Developed by renowned music educator, Mrs Alice Yap, whose tremendous teaching experiences and expertise in music teaching using whole brain learning system is unquestionable.

Drawing from her many years of teaching experience, she has authored this new series to make practicing fun and interesting for the 21st century young learners. Comprising of 4 books, this series will enable you to teach your students dynamic and effective performance techniques in a systematic way to mastering improvisation skills that brings their musicianship level to a whole new level.

What is unique about this series?

1) Using only 10 minutes a day, students get to train up on different aspects of their music learning, from muscle memory, note reading, rhythm studies to music appreciation. Giving the students in small doses help them to strengthen day by day. This series allows you the freedom to teach your students in a FUN and CREATIVE way.


2) This series allows you free access to – coaching videos for students, soundtracks for self practice as well as training videos for teachers.


Synwin Music is the Singapore Authorized dealer for Piano Gym for Smart Fingers in Singapore.